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Chat with Truthsayer - Tarot Reading and Western Astrology in Gagny online. 30- years of practice in Western Astrology. I have been helping folks now for over 30 years both in person and online with psychic tarot and life coaching in general. I really enjoy working with people and really love how the universe can heal and help people who help themselves and love to guide folks to their own inner realizations . Universal love and the ultimate truth is out there and harnessing it is so wonderful that to help people see their potential within themselves is a great asset. Bringing more clarity and clearer vision when a guide is needed. Life experiences make us who we are and having a wealth of knowledge of my own relationships and traveling round the globe makes me more understanding of different cultures and ways of life. I mix with many different people and love to empathize with all sorts of situations. I love to meditate and really tune in to higher intuition and connect to many aspects wtihin holistic areas.I enjoy the use of colours within readings and this can have a profound effect on clients when they see the light that this brings.

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